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  • Anastasia Pittini

Digital marketing strategy: 5 reasons why you need one

Discover 5 Reasons Why You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy now more than ever

A digital marketing strategy is a key tool in helping any business organise its digital efforts, defining a clear direction and maximising investment. It is unfortunately common for businesses to use digital platforms without having first defined a clear plan. A recent report from Smart Insights, shows that 45% of organisations don’t have a clear digital strategy, missing out on key opportunities. Scroll down to the end to download your Digital Marketing Checklist now!

Scroll down to download your Digital Marketing Checklist now!

A solid digital marketing strategy

In this article, we outline five key reasons why a business like yours should have a solid digital marketing strategy. If you don’t have one, don’t despair, you are not alone! We have seen businesses of all sizes neglect this important step when it comes to planning their marketing efforts. We want to make sure that you understand the importance of it in order to set your business up for success in the online world.

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Digital Marketing Strategy

1. It’s easier to succeed when you follow a plan

Remember when you decided to open your business? You put together a plan, followed a schedule, defined a budget and set your financial objectives. You needed a plan in order to achieve your vision. The same rigorous efforts should be applied to using marketing channels online, ensuring the execution of a successful plan. A plan with a clear objective, timeline and structure will ensure that your efforts are focused, resulting in less time and resources wasted.

2. Tap into the right audience

Compared to the traditional above the line form of advertising, online platforms give you endless opportunities to define your audience in the most specific details and ensure a targeted and hyper-relevant message. Taking the time to analyse your target audience when you define your strategy is a key step which will exponentially maximise your return on investment.

3. Reduce complexity

Working with businesses of different sizes, we often realise that one of the main reasons digital marketing is under-utilised is due to complexity. It could be daunting having to manage multiple platforms at the same time and figure out how they all should work in unison. A way to kick start the creation of a sound digital strategy is to follow our checklist which highlights all the key elements that should be part of your plan. Our 2019 Digital Strategy Checklist is a great starting point for your team to use in order to audit your current strategy and highlight gaps and opportunities.

4. Integrate your efforts

As in any successful kitchen, there is a chef who is in charge of an organised team who follows a defined process, where all team members work together to create perfect dishes. The same should happen with your digital marketing efforts. If someone is posting inconsistently on Facebook, then every once in a while someone else writes a blog post and promotions are run without precise targeting and planning, you can expect poor results. A digital strategy makes sure that all channels and all activities online are connected to each other and work together towards the same objectives.

5. Drive focus and commitment

When the average person flips through at least two or three online platforms before deciding where to eat, it is clear that just having a landing page and posting every two weeks on Facebook won’t cut it anymore. Your business deserves the opportunity to tap into the infinite possibilities of digital marketing, but as with any type of marketing, it requires a dedicated investment. Defining a digital strategy also means writing down your plan for the year on a piece of paper (or Word doc!), your objectives and what success looks like. This exercise will help you ensure your team commitment towards the plan and make you more willing to set aside a budget to implement your objectives.

Is your digital strategy set for 2019? Download our free 2019 Digital Marketing Checklist and start the year with a solid plan.

We hope we have been able to help you understand the importance of setting up a digital strategy for your business. At Hank, we help businesses in the hospitality industry define what strategy fits their needs and commercial objectives. We then turn those strategies into successful realities, all while you continue running that special business of yours.

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