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  • Anastasia Pittini

20 Restaurant Digital Marketing Statistics to Know

The top restaurant digital marketing statistics to know to stay up to date with the trends.

20 Restaurant Digital Marketing Statistics to Know

We have curated a list of the 20 restaurant digital marketing statistics to know, because we believe knowledge is power. The more you know about trends, the better you can shape your own digital marketing strategy, investing in tools and platforms that give the highest ROI and meeting customers where they already are.

The hospitality sector is increasingly becoming reliant on digital marketing to reach interested customers, as classic above the line marketing channels like TV, magazine and radio have seen a dramatic drop in usage in the last five years. We all live with our phones in our hands, ready to get information on the go and we are more and more reliant on social media to facilitate our decision making. Restaurants that don't have a sound digital marketing strategy will lose ground and see their competitors attract more and more customers through online platforms.

We have curated the following 20 restaurant digital marketing statistics to give you an insight into the most relevant trends in your industry. As you will read the digital revolution is happening and we hope you will get on board and take your slice of the cake!

  1. Out of all industries, consumers read restaurant reviews more than any other industry (Bright Local)

  2. More than 80% of diners browse menus online before they go out, making websites — especially mobile-responsive ones — a must. (IT Business)

  3. 70% of smartphone owners look at restaurant menus on their devices. ( QSR Online)

  4. 63% of restaurants advertise on social media (Toast)

  5. Facebook is the most-used social networking site, used by 74% of restaurants. (Upserve)

  6. Instagram is the second most used site, with 18% of restaurants using it as a marketing tool. (Upserve)

  7. Getting users to take action with your dining spot isn’t difficult as 75% of Instagram users will visit a brand’s website after seeing an advertising post (Locowise).

  8. Customers who engage with businesses on social media actually spend 20 to 40% more money on those businesses than on others (Bain & Company)

  9. When choosing a restaurant, Gen Z and Millennials are 99% more likely to rely on social media and online reviews than Gen X and Boomers (Talk Triggers)

  10. 34% of consumers say online reviews play a factor when deciding where to eat. (National Restaurant Association)

  11. 77% of consumers pay more attention to consumer reviews than to professional critic reviews (only 23%). (Weber Shandwick)

  12. When restaurants increase direct engagement with online reviewers by as little as 1%, positive online sentiment could increase by as much as 25%. (eMarketer)

  13. Store visits can increase up to 80% within the 1st day a mobile ad was served compared to average store visits. ( NinthDecimal’s Mobile Audience Insights Report)

  14. 36% of customers want to be able to make reservations online (Mondovo)

  15. When it comes to online ordering, 79% of Millennials (ages 18-34) have ordered takeout via a website or app, which is 29% more than the older U.S. adult population (ages 45+). (orderTalk)

  16. Offer incentives and discounts for likes, because 79% of people like a company Facebook page for that specific reason (Forbes)

  17. Marketing matters as 40% of people learn about food through digital methods—websites, blogs, or apps (Brandon Gaille)

  18. Only 3% of content on Facebook is a video, but videos get the highest rate of engagement (Adweek)

  19. Instagram is rising above TripAdvisor as a source of restaurant reviews because customers prefer looking at pictures to reading text (Telegraph)

  20. A report found 49% of people search Facebook to find restaurants (Mashable)

20 Restaurant Digital Marketing Statistics to Know


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