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M:ID Mencare

M:ID is a newly launched men’s hair and scalp care brand disrupting the German market, offering a unique solution for different hair types and scalp problems. A patented technology aims to help all men find the perfect haircare solution while normalising the conversation around men beauty care. 


Art Direction, Digital, Branding, Paid Media, Design






Assigned the task of supporting the brand on several fronts, from initial brand development workshops, to creating a brand book that outlined the positioning, values and mission of the brand, to bringing the visual world of M: ID to life on on and offline with production and content management.

M: ID entered the German men's beauty market as an online exclusive offering and managed to get noticed in a rather conventional scene with a great product and unique voice. This voice came through carefully written copy combined with well thought out imagery and design elements.


Brand Development

M:ID brought us on in a pivotal time for the brand. They were in the process of finding their inner voice and were unable to identify a confident and meaningful direction. We helped them solve these problems through branding workshops and the development of a brand book.

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